You will be ok soon..


On perseo:

Outfit: A&Y – NJ Cybercoat at Main Store

Arms: CONTRAPTION – Sk3let0 series prosthetic arms at Main Store

Ears: E.A. STUDIO – Akasuna at Main Store

Hair: DURA – U92 at Main Store

On Nikë:

Outfit: L’EMPORIO – Nina Minidress at Main Store

Helmet: L’EMPORIO – L33l00 Helmet at Main Store

Arms: AZOURY– Ephese arms at Main Store


MedBay: PSYNAN – Vigor x4 Medical Suite at We<3RP Event May’19

Back pods: HILTED – The Cryo Chamber at We<3RP Event May’19

Backdrop: MINIMAL – Pyrotech Bunket at Main Store

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