Commander, They have rendered the ship..

Credits: Outfit: L’EMPORIO – Perseo Space Suit at The Men Jail Event May’19 (includes the Visor) Hat & Cloak: W-ZERO – Bujin Gacha at Main Store Sword: THE FORGE – Plasmoid Katana at Main Store Hands: CONTRAPTION – Sk3let0 Prosthetic arms at Main Store

You will be ok soon..

Credits: On perseo: Outfit: A&Y – NJ Cybercoat at Main Store Arms: CONTRAPTION – Sk3let0 series prosthetic arms at Main Store Ears: E.A. STUDIO – Akasuna at Main Store Hair: DURA – U92 at Main Store On Nik√ę: Outfit: L’EMPORIO – Nina Minidress at Main Store Helmet: L’EMPORIO – L33l00 Helmet at Main Store Arms:…

Space Harlequin

Credits: Coat: A&Y – Volant Cyber Coat at Main Store Arms & Legs: CONTRAPTION – Sk3let0 with Custom Decals at NeoJapan Event April’19 Hair: A&Y – Dext Cyber Hair at Main Store Suit: ANTINATURAL – DeathRacer Gacha Second Skin Suit at LootBox Event April’19 Makeup: ALMA MAKEUP – Eli at Main Store

Stay where you are, Chum!

Credits: Coat: A&Y – NJ Cyber Coat @Neo-Japan Event April’19 Arms: CONTRAPTION – SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arms @Neo-Japan Event April’19 Legs: CONTRAPTION – SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Legs @Neo-Japan Event April’19 Body Suit: ANTINATURAL – Death Racer Gacha Second Skin Suit @LootBox Event April’19 Weapon: HYPNOS – H21M Heavy Tactical Rifle @We<3RP Event April’19 Makeup: ALMA…

Lord of the Forest

Credits: Mask: CONTRAPTION – Masks: Frostling Deer at Japonica Jan’2019 Tattoo: INKER– Ruru at The Men Jail Event Jan’2019 Pants: LOB – Royal Legs at The Men Jail Event Jan’2019 Shoes: LOB – Stylcox at Main Store Hair: A&Y – Cyber Ghost at Main Store Bracelet: NAANAA – Dan Bracelet at The Men Jail Event…