Credits: top: SAS – Zing Zing at Swank Event Sept’19 Necklace: IDEALIA – Noelis at UNIK Event Sept’19 Tattoo: JUNA ARTISTIC TATTOO – Klea at TLC event Sept’19 Earrings: SWALLOW – Deco Earrings at Main Store Hair: ARGRACE – Kinu at Main Store


Credits: Outfit: WILD – Fashion Boho Ibiza Dress at Swank Event August’19 Hair: FIRELIGHT – Britney at Swank Event August’19 Necklace: HARTSDALE JEWELRY – Paloma Redux at Swank Event August’19 Rings: SWALLOW – Shiny Bento Rings at Main Store

From the deepest Fires I rise..

Credits: Skin & Wings: STARGAZER CREATIONS – Bleeding Ruby at WE<3RP Event July’19 Eyes: ELEMENTAL – Eerie animated Eyes at WE<3RP Event July’19 Arms: GHOUL – Ootakemaru Demon arms at Main Store Ears: SWALLOW – Noldor Ears at Main Store Teeth: CERBERUS XING – Bloody Strigor fangs as Group gift on Main store Adornments: ZIBSKA…


Credits: Outfit: MEVA – Elsie Dress at Belle event July’19 Hair: TRUTH – Bernadette at Main Store Rings: SWALLOW – Shiny Bento Rings at Main Store Choker: AMIAS – Amel at Belle Event July’19 Nails: MOONDANCE BOUTIQUE – Spring Ombre at Main Store

The Night Guardian..

Credits: Top: MEVA – Cedric Vest at Man Cave Event June’19 Pants: MEVA – Cedric at The Men Department Event June’19 Tattoo: JUNA ARTISTIC TATTOO – Dorla at We<3RP Event June’19 Hair: DURA – B93 at Equal10 Event June’19 Ears: SWALLOW – Noldor at Main Store Gun: BLACKDARK – GunMagic at MP Pose: KOKORO –…


Credits: Outfit: HILLY HAALAN – Aleisha at Main Store Makeup: ALMA MAKEUP – Alicia at Main Store Lipstick: ALMA MAKEUP – Kira at Main Store Hair: TRUTH – Daphne at Main Store Earrings: SWALLOW – Deco Earrings at Main Store Sim: Lutz City