The Guardian

“And with a deep caw Ravens in the Sky marked the Day the Guardian was to awake from his Slumber and once again defend the Valley”


Centaur: JINX – Centaur Mesh Add-on at We Love RP Event Feb’2019

Sword: KROVA – Charnel at We Love RP Event Feb’2019

Top: GILD – Avangrde at Main Store

Hat: FIKA – Krampus Hood at Main Store

MakeUp: ALMA MAKEUP – Island at Main Store

Rings: MESSIAH x .SHI – Chunky Rings at Main Store

Bracelet: SOUL IDENTITY – Leather Bracelet E2 at Main Store

Grass: MOON-SHA Daisy Grass at We Love RP Event Feb’2019

Backdrop: THE BEARDED GUY – Mystic Arch Spring at Main Store

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