MRSL 2019 First Photo Challenge

The Price We paid

Items used:

  • Drape Great Coat in Yellow by Mr.Poet
  • Pleated Breaches in Black by Mr.Poet
  • Gaston Shoes by Kokoia
  • Dylan hair by Letituier
  • Buck Leather Gloves by Noche
  • Stretched Ears Season 2 by Mandala
  • Moustache from Victor Bento Hipster Stache&Beard by

Horse is “Galeta”, Perseo’s personal Pinto mount by Water Horse
Location: Western Front – 1917 Sim
Windlight: PhotoTools – Epi VInta

Pic is a hommage to Remembrance Day, We remember the end of First World War. I try to capture that moment in a battle when fighting for a Nation loses its meaning and you gather all your courage to fight for your fallen friends and comrades. May we never have to live such a horror again.

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