Mission Accepted, Commander!


Outfit: GABRIEL – Cyber Tembu Set at Neo-Japan Event April’19

Ears: E.A. STUDIO – Akasuna ears at Neo-Japan Event April’19

Mask: DIRAM – Ziva Glasses at The Men Department Event April’19

Hair: LETITUIER – Deric at Main Store

Bike: ANTINATURAL – DeathRacer Speed Demon (custom color) at LootBox Event April’19

Weapons on Bike: BUTANIK83 Cybernetic Yakuza arm Blade at Neo-Japan Event April’19

Backdrop: MINIMAL – Pyrotech Bunket at Neo-Japan Event April’19 (Custom lights at the back)

*Commander Hologram wears the 00-W-ZERO BUJIN set from the Gacha at Neo-japan Event April’19

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